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Wedding videography - compelling reasons to film your wedding

January 27th, 2016

Wedding videography has risen massively in popularity over the last few years.  As high quality cameras have reduced in price a number of photographers have added filming to the list of services they offer.  So why would you want your wedding filmed?  Let’s have a look at some of the reasons.

Secretly I think we all like the idea of being filmstars, and by filming your wedding you get to star in your very own movie.  Just think about the amount of thought you have put into how your big day will look - you’ve already chosen the best props!

No matter how relaxed you try and make your wedding the sad fact is that you’re going to miss out on a lot that is going on.  By hiring a wedding videographer you’ll capture of a lot of the details (and humour) of the things that you’ll miss during the day.  You quite simply can’t be in more than one place at one time, so your wedding video capture many aspects of your wedding that you will otherwise miss.

Photos capture a great deal of your special day, but a film gives you a fuller idea of the ambience and excitement of your wedding.

Weddings are one of the very rare occasions, perhaps the only occasion that you’ll have all of your friends and family in one place.  Hiring a wedding videographer means that you’ll have a permanent record of everyone you care about, while they were in one place, having a happy joyful time.  In this way wedding videos act like time capsules, a moving snapshot of everyone you love as they were on one amazing day.

You can create a beautiful moving record of your friends and family by asking them to leave you a video message.

There are some moments during every wedding that photos can never fully capture (although they come close).  Everyone will talk about how great the speeches were for years to come, but with a wedding video you can re-live the laughs. the tears and moving moments.

People who are usually quite restrained tend to really relax and unwind at weddings.  This could be the booze, it could also be because people love weddings.  And when people relax they dance, so why not create a permanent record of just how crap your friends are at dancing.  There’s a reason some YouTube videos go viral!

Not everyone you invite to your wedding will be able to attend.  By sending them a video of your wedding you’ll be to share your special day with anyone who couldn’t be there in person.

It’s a well known fact that people often meet new partners at weddings.  If you film your wedding you could well find you have footage of a new couple’s first dance together.  The moment new love is born is rarely captured on film, your wedding video could document a really special moment between two of your friends.

One of the greatest aspects of wedding videography is watching the film many years after your big day.  You’ll be able to share your wedding with your children and maybe even your grandchildren.

Some couples like to re-watch their wedding video on their wedding anniversary each year.  This is not only romantic, it can also stir up the same passions and feelings that you felt for each other on that one special day when you both said ‘I do’.

We now offer wedding videography, find out more here or get in touch to have a chat.

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Wedding videography - compelling reasons to film your wedding