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About Us

AK Expressions Photographer Avi Kniznik fell in love with photography aged nine. At summer camp in Toronto, Canada, he had his first experience with using an SLR camera and a darkroom. He’s not stopped since.

He loved the smells of the chemicals in the darkroom and couldn’t wait to see the images appear right in front of his face. Over the next year, after camp ended, Avi started to learn how to use natural light, shadows, flash and studio lighting in his work to create his own style. Using a camera became a second nature to him.

“My love of people also grew too,” he says, “I was obsessed with the unknown, going to every back alley and into every unsavoury neighbourhood trying to capture people who stood out in the crowd".

"Not only photographing them but having the courage to go up and introduce myself and get to know the subject in hand which would give the photos a deeper meaning”.

It is Avi’s love of photography and people, alongside his unique, unusual and creative touch, that makes his work for AK Expressions Photography stand out from the crowd.

Avi has lived around Ipswich, Suffolk for over sixteen years and is now settled just outside of Ipswich, Suffolk with his wife, daughter and son.
“Family life means a lot to me so I always make sure I balance it well”, he says.

You can see more of Avi’s work by checking out the AK Expressions Photography Facebook page, emailing him or giving him a call.