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Let your husband do your wedding makeup

November 2nd, 2016

The flowers are arranged, the dress has been fitted and the guests invited.  You wake up on the morning of your wedding (if you slept!) and you have just a few jobs left to cross off your checklist.  If like a lot of modern couples you already live with your intended the chances are that on the morning of your wedding your husband to be will find himself at a bit of a loose end.  He’ll be looking for something to do, perhaps to keep his nerves at bay.  As you reach for your makeup there’s a slim chance you might see him edge close, and if he’s feeling adventurous he might even offer to do your makeup for you... 

I sat down to write what was going to be a serious blog post.  I was going to do some thorough research into wedding makeup.  I told myself I would write a useful, insightful article giving sound advice on makeup choices for your big day.  But the thought of hapless husbands getting involved in wedding makeup was just too terrifying, and I couldn’t get the thought out of my head.

The only bit of sound advice I can offer you would be to do everything you can to avoid letting your husband doing your makeup.  It’s very cool that men are a lot more into being involved in wedding planning, but your wedding makeup is one area that your husband to be likely lacks experience in.  Unless he makes a living as a pantomime Dame, in which case his makeup skills are a bit of a one trick pony.  You might as well ask a local plasterer to apply your makeup, with a trowel.

But seriously, why shouldn’t you let your husband do your wedding makeup?

All women know that with makeup less is more, but with most man skills more is always more.  Men buy power tools that are slightly more powerful than they can safely handle.  Some men drive cars with more grunt than would ever be needed on narrow, twisting British roads.  Although certainly not unique to their sex, men like to listen to music LOUD. 

Us men like to find shortcuts, but they don’t always work out well.  We consider a job done at speed is a job well done.  If a job can be augmented by the ingestion of beer then we’ll probably try it, and dutch courage is not something that should be combined with the application of makeup.

Letting your fella apply your makeup is as logical as asking a toddler to be your chauffeur.